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Do I qualify

Who is eligible to receive services?

You must be a current Halifax County, Virginia resident who has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently receiving cancer treatments. 

How do I start receiving services?

One of Two ways:

Complete the application at the bottom of this page and mail to HCCA or call the office (434.476.2714) to schedule an appointment.

Services Provided


Referral Services

Whether you are looking for information about screenings, local resources available for cancer patients, or would like to speak with a licensed oncology social worker, the Halifax County Cancer Association can help.


Educational and Informational Materials

HCCA continues its work to adapt, refine, evaluate, and expand our efforts to provide informational materials for cancer patients and families in low-resource settings.  Our primary goal is to close the gap in cancer patient education by addressing differences in patient literacy levels while promoting treatment completion by helping patients and their families better understand the disease and treatments.


Gas vouchers for traveling to the doctor and treatments

For those that have to deal with the many costs of treating cancer, a simple gas voucher can make a huge difference in getting to the care that they need. Give us a call to see how we may be able to help you with a gas voucher.


Assitance with Pain and Nausea Medications and Cancer Related-Medications

Medications are expensive and because of the support of our community, businesses , grants and private donations we can help with the cost of cancer related medication.


The loan of hospital equipment (beds, walkers, wheelchairs, bedside commodes etc)

One of the many hurdles that a cancer survivor and families have to deal with is equipment! We offer the loan of various pieces of equipment, contact us today to see if we can help you or your loved one in this area.

Because We Care


We service all qualifying members of Halifax County regardless of your age, gender or race. Stop by or give us a call to find more...


All services are provided at no charge regardless of an individuals financial situation. Please stop in and allow us to explore how we can help you or your loved one.


With your continued prayers we will remain an active and reliable source of education, service and support for cancer patients in Halifax County. There is a need and with your help we are meeting the needs of our community

Download Application Below

HCCA Application

patient app 2 page pdf (pdf)